Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 14, 2017

In your council/lodge is there a 18 year old eager beaver collector? In mine his name is Nathan Kohler and at the beginning of the week I had the good sense to recognize his talents and asked him to help me finish updating our lodge patch guide that I last did in 2010. Every day this week he has challenged my “expert” knowledge and pushed me to justify some of my opinions.

When I mentioned random issues that maybe were prototypes burned in the camp fireplace he pushed me to figure out when they were made, by whom and the designer. On top of that he is doing all the reformatting for the book and gathering scans. Literally I feel like I’m passing the torch to the person who will be the next generation keeper of the flame for my OA lodge.

So here is part of what I’m reflecting on. Was there a Nathan in the decade of the 1990s or the 2000s that I didn’t help encourage? In all truth one of Nathan’s early adult mentors was Wes Drennan who is not even in my lodge. I got in my lodge 31 years ago and it’s taken that long to find a youth this passionate about patches. Maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough!

I’m back on eBay this week with fresh new auctions including some of the listings featured in this grouping. These are ones laying on my desk with others from a small collection I got in. I’ve got a lot of auctions to get launched in the next two months before the Jamboree starts to overtake the auction site.





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