Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 25, 2022



This week I published my latest unboxing and this one was a little different. I rarely am offered collections that are less than 10 years old. When I am they are usually a parent who’s kid was in the program for a skinny minute and they are left with the $100 worth of uniform parts that they invested in that effort. But this one was completely different and a collection that I happily pursued.
I don’t know how but a lady who has an antique mall business in Oregon got a collection of patches from the 2012 and 2015 NOACs. Of course this has all the two-piece sets and flaps that are the currency of trading at a NOAC. It was obvious that the former owner had done a lot of trading. So now the irony is that I can take these items to the 2022 NOAC and recycle them right back into the hobby.
On eBay I have 282 live auctions running including just a wide variety of items from troop patches to Utah OA, shoulder patches and more. I recently crossed the 60k item mark on eBay. Now I know the whole point is to sell this stuff so getting happy about unsold items in a store might be counterintuitive. But I’ve found that by constantly adding new inventory it makes the store more successful with a steady stream of sales.
This week I worked really hard sorting out merit badges from recent collection purchases against what was already in my collection. I have completely assembled this collection from merit badges that have passed through my hands over the last 20+ years. So while that strategy has worked well it also means that I have to screen anything new that comes in against the collection needs. I need a ton of wide crimps (B) and sand twills (D) but the collection is really coming along for the other major types. I only have 1 need for Type F and that is the odd ball “blob hand” Electricity.





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