Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 27, 2022



Sometimes I just catch a little inspiration and the next thing I know I’m diving into another project. Maybe I have some undiagnosed attention problems!? But Friday I decided to make a video that attempts to be an overview for collecting merit badges. For days I had been sorting my merit badge collection and I guess I just had it on the brain. I’ve got a link below for the video which several people have commented on that it was helpful.
The video was my second attempt at doing a YouTube live. I’ve been trying to experiment with some different platforms so that I can decide what direction to go in. I’m exploring the best way to publish some of my content like the SHF Insiders Round Table and Cloth Talk 2.0. I want to see if I can make these a little more polished and certainly there is technology out there I can use to do that.
I have a veteran collector who has reached out to me about a collaboration on some good topics. But before I crank that up I want to raise the quality of what I’m doing with these videos. Right now they are “good enough” but I think especially with the interview style I can do better. I’ve got about 10 weeks before summer camp so that’s enough time to figure it out and keep trying to make improvements.
I have 285 live auctions on eBay with a really diverse variety of items ending tonight. One of the things I like to experiment with are old council event patches, troop issues and stuff that is really unique. I also have some Utah stuff that I am finally getting listed.
This week I hope to list all my good merit badge issues since I am on that run. I have a ton of dupes as this is one niche that I have almost never actually tried to resell. I’ve got merit badges from all eras but it’s a very time consuming project since there is so many different issues.





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