Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 12, 2020

I really wish I had taken some pictures of the sorting job that my son and I tackled Friday. It was a sight with 30+ plastic containers labeled with every letter in the alphabet (you gotta do 2 for some letters like C, G, M, and S). We sorted 9 boxes of SAPs into these in total probably 1500-1800 patches.

The next step was to sort each letter to combine councils and dupes. We got about 1/3 of the way through the alphabet on that part. The final step is scanning and we got letters A, B and part of C scanned. He is on spring break next week so hopefully I can get him to come back and help me to finish the job.

Turns out my son doesn’t really have the patience to scan patches. So instead he finished the day starting to sort JSPs that needed to go into tubs according to which Jamboree they were issued for. I’ve got a similar group of 1500-2000 JSPs that need to get listed and that rough sort is the first step.

I have had a few nibbles in my efforts to find people willing to take a bunch of bulk stuff off my hands. 1/3 of my warehouse shelves are filled with books, paper, mugs and uniform parts. All of these are things I don’t really want to list for sale online. I’ve got a lady in upstate SC that might come look at some of it. But my thing is you have to buy it all. So no cherry picking mugs….ya got to take them all! 🙂

Next week I’ve got two calls related to summer camp. I’m also doing some online interviews with my program director to round out the staff. I am keeping it positive and hoping for the best!



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