Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter April 10, 2022



This week I actually published two different unboxing videos. The one from earlier in the week I failed to give you guys a link to. So I’ve got a screen grab and link below. This one was a terrific Texas collection where everything in the box was pre1965. Some of these items have already made it onto eBay so you might recognize a few pieces if you look closely.


The second video (again linked below) was very different from my normal style. I needed to try out a service that will help my live videos be more professional. So Friday afternoon I tested Streamyard which allows me a lot more control over the look and feel of the video. In this video I unboxed four small collections and shared some big hitters that I landed for my own personal collection.
My main reason for testing out Streamyard is that I’m not happy with the look that I get using Zoom when it comes to interview videos. I have some opportunities to film more of these but I want the quality to be better and I think Streamyard might give me the ability to upgrade. It is a distraction from just selling more patches but I love finding new projects and discovering technology that usually only the Gen Z kids are using.
On eBay I have 266 live auctions including about a hundred ending tonight. Those include some good Texas camp patches, shoulder strips and lots more. More so than normal right now I’m mixing up the runs so that I don’t just have one type of memorabilia being featured in my auctions.
This is a weekend of family fun. Last night my daughter attended her high school senior prom. Today we are celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday with a family dinner out. Hopefully after that meal there will be time for Patrick and I to plant our summer garden along with a couple of blueberry bushes that have been on his bucket list.





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