Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 05, 2022



I had a nice call from a guy yesterday out of Arkansas who was an Eagle Scout and part of the OA. He is going to mail me a small box of stuff that I am having him send to my summer camp. Tuesday night Matt Delk and I do a pop up Scout museum program. Since Matt is gone Week 1 I was already looking for a short activity to fill his time slot. Now we will do a live unboxing with the Scouts to see what this guy had. Should be fun.


Today my camp staff is moving in. We have 60+ staffers showing up today so it’s always a little hectic. But if all goes well by dinner they will be settled in and we can start a very busy schedule of trainings and program area work to get ready to welcome units in a week.


My talk this summer in the museum is going to be on campfire blankets. I have a good collection of vintage blankets from mostly the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I will also blend in our felt vests because down south nobody wears these traditional poncho blankets. I will of course take some pictures and share with the readers.


On eBay I have 294 live listings including about a hundred that are ending tonight. You can find SAPs, OA and lots more sprinkled among the listings that are closing.


The other cool thing we do is on Thursday night our Salesmanship merit badge class runs a Throwback Thursday Scout Store. The scouts are going to wear branded sales aprons (think Lowes Home Improvement) and will be selling donated stuff like uniforms. The money goes towards buying staff gifts so it’s a great way to recycle some of the stuff people give me during the year.






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