Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 6, 2021


I am getting today’s issue out a little later as I just returned from a weekend of fun getting our camp and staff ready to welcome campers in about 2 weeks. The weather was great and we made a lot of progress getting the program areas set up. Bring on the staff week!


On my way home I stopped by the UPS Store to pick up any packages I had waiting. Sadly one is a little lighter than when it began. I got a large box shipped through UPS that was all tore up. It looks like the side of the box blew out. I weighed the box and it’s 20 pounds lighter then when it shipped. Oh NO!


This was a collection I bought from the granddaughter of a deceased Scouter. Ironically I have not struck the deal with here yet but was going to evaluate everything. I took a dozen or more pictures of the box before doing anything and I’ll share the bad news with her later today.


I have 203 live auctions including over 60 that are ending tonight. Some of the first ones to close are vintage Scout flags including two super old council flags and some jamboree ones. I’m hoping these find good homes. After that it’s about 4-dozen older OA issues.


The fun doesn’t stop. I’m off to go meet a man in Huntersville, NC in order to buy another collection that he is driving down to me. Sadly camp is going to put a stop to all this Boy Scout patch buying. However, in August it looks like I’ll be making a trip west as I have deals going down in Missouri, Louisiana and Texas.




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