Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 27, 2017

I’ve met people to look over collections in all sorts of places. Last summer I spent 2 hours on the tailgate of a pickup truck in the hot August sun (literally 90+ degrees) to get a collection. Earlier this year I met a guy at my storage unit and literally sorted out the boxes on the loading dock. But today I felt like I belonged not to Generation X but rather that I was one of those millennials as we met at a co-working space in Greenville, SC.

So think of a coworking space as a Starbucks that you pay $350/month to belong to. The place is one huge room with couches, stand up desks and computer stations. You come in and grab an open spot and go about doing your online work. So imagine that crowd when they saw us roll in 6 boxes of Boy Scout stuff and spread it all out over two tables! Here we were flipping through 1930s copies of Boy’s Life and the guy in next aisle is working on a computer screen as big as he tv in my parent’s house.

The owner of Atlas Local in Greenville was kind enough to let me use the facility for this meeting and it turned out to be a really neat place to sit down and go through all the boxes. This Scouter spent some good yeas in the Transatlantic Council among other stops and he had some really cool old stuff that I’m hoping to get started on soon. One of my favorites was he had some Senior Scouting paperwork that I had never seen before.

I got a message from someone on the organizing committee for the Girl Scout Jamboree last night. I’ll paraphrase but her message went something like this, “we are having a big swapping session Friday night and I understand that you might be the person to talk to in order to help organize this event.” Oh boy looks like I get to help some Girl Scouts catch the bug!







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