Important 2017 National Scout Jamboree Patch Trading Rules for Visitors

To: All Jamboree Visitors
From: Chris Jensen, 2017 NJ Patch Trading Staff Team Leader.
If you are visiting the jamboree to trade patches please understand the the following:
1. You will be riding a bus into the jamboree that will be packed pretty tight. So bring in a modest sized pack that you can sit in your lap. Be courteous to your fellow visitors.
2. Visitors will be welcome at the Summit Central area, but not in the troop or staff sites.
3. If you are going to just wander around the jambo visitor area and trade out of your fanny pack you will be fine as a casual trader. If you are finding some shade, putting out a blanket and a large assortment of patches, you are going to be considered a dealer. If you are a dealer, you are welcome to enjoy this jamboree, but you will be asked to buy the patch trading visitor pass.
This patch trading visitor pass is $40, and good for the entire jamboree.
You will need one of these passes if you are 18+ years old. A scout under age 18 will not need a visitor patch trading pass.
If you are 18+, please bring a photo id, and a current BSA Youth Protection Training card. You do NOT need a current BSA membership card. This pass can be purchased when you get off the bus at the visitor services tent, usually within a bus length from the bus door.
4. These patch trading dealer passes come with a neck lanyard and must be worn around the neck at all times.
5. If an adult is attending with a youth that is trading next to the adult, or appears to be trading for the adult, the adult will be asked to get a patch trader dealer pass.
6. If you are bringing in a chair, please remember your fellow bus passengers. Big clunky chairs can be left back in your car. A Small folding chair that fits in a tube shaped bag and can ride in your lap on the bus should be fine.
7. And….. don’t forget your poncho, water bottle, sunblock, sense of humor and big smile!
This Jambo is for the scouts, and its usually the biggest thing these scouts have done in their life. They have planned, saved, worked, and dreamed of this jamboree for many months (or years). Let’s help everyone have a great time.
Chris Jensen




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