Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 17, 2022



It has been a long time since the 2018 NOAC and I can’t be the only person chomping at the bit to finally get the thread heads together in one room again. At a Pre-NOAC TOR there will be people that I have not seen in almost five years. It’s hard not to spend the entire time talking and catching up versus just looking through boxes of patches etc. It’s kinda a family reunion of the hobby.


For my part I am looking forward to a bit of a reunion in that the guy that was my co-author for my lodge memorabilia book is going to ride along with me to NOAC. Nathan has been in the Marines for a year or two now but he took leave so he could come out to the TOR and hang. Now that our lodge is merging into history we will try and work on the final chapter in the book.


As a reminder I am bringing all the Best Hobby Pages products to the TOR. However, I really suggest that if you know what you need to go ahead and place your order online now and I can bring it boxed up and ready to the event. I offer a free delivery coupon that you can use at checkout. I will have your order under my table at the show which makes it quick and easy for all.


I have 248 live auctions on eBay including some really vintage neckerchiefs that are ending tonight. While I have been at camp the eBay store has been running and my employees did a great job. I am chomping at the bit to get into the warehouse but at the same time my wife has a page of things written down that need to happen before next Friday. 🙂


For the closing staff dinner we gave out Camp Barstow embroidered blankets to the people who were in a leadership position at camp. This was partially inspired by the Scouting memorabilia session I did most weeks on the idea of having a patch blanket. I don’t know if the staff will decide to use their new blanket for this purpose but I’m actually thinking about it myself.






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