Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 24, 2022



Wow! Maybe I forgot how massive these TORs are after four years or maybe the layout and energy of this one is just better. But Day #1 of this Pre-NOAC TOR was awesome. I don’t think I had more than 5 minutes between conversations with many fellow collectors. Some of them I had just met after mailing them patches for years. I also got to talk camp with some folks from other councils (ideas!) and found some new customers for Best Hobby Pages.


I know some of you want the blow by blow of what is selling and what the big collections are. During the entire day I made a total of one lap of around the building so I am no help there. But I believe there was a museum collection up for sale and several other big offerings. There should be a live feed but the Wi-Fi and signal inside the building is very intermittent. But hey I did sell a giant haul of dollar patches to Scott Wheeler so that made my day.


A fun parlor game at the NOAC is to keep an eye on eBay and see what the trajectory of items for sale is. There was a comment on Facebook about how people can use their phones to list from their dorm rooms. So right now there a little over 400 items up and I’m sure with the Trading Post opening today that number will double likely in a few days.
On eBay I have 242 live auctions with a bunch of really good neckerchiefs ending tonight. I had a wonderful conversation with Gene Berman about the TMR neckerchiefs that I have been selling. He has me on the hunt for a couple that he is still looking for along with a district shoulder patch.
One last conversation to share (see the fellowship is the best part of these events) was with Tico Perez regarding the Jamboree. As the Jamboree Chairman he has a goal to get 10k participants signed up for the Jambo. Coming out of COVID and with ink not yet dry on the bankruptcy this has been a big challenge. He was sharing with me several ways that even adults can sign up to participate in the Jamboree. So he agreed to be my guest for my 100th episode of my podcast (to be recorded soon) to help get the word out and get more Scouts and adults to sign up for this amazing opportunity. Not just the thread heads but if you have fond memories of attending a Jamboree we all need to be recruiters!





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