Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 03, 2021



Yesterday Matthew Delk and I joined 2-dozen camps at Camp Miles of the SWFC to pitch our summer camp programs. Today we are over in the SFC at Camp Elmore doing the same to troops on the other side of the state. They have been doing these camp shows for a couple of decades and it’s an interesting opportunity to recruit units that don’t have a local summer camp to attend.


Camp Elmore is an interesting property right in the middle of a city next to an retired landfill. The site next door is probably the tallest point for miles and miles as this part of the world is very flat. There isn’t much time to socialize with the other camp folks down here but I know I’ll see an old friend James Barton who has run Camp Ho-Non-Wah near Charleston for over a decade.


When I get back to work in the warehouse next week I am looking forward to diving in on some long delayed projects. One of those is getting mugs and yes even t-shirts listed for sale on eBay. I’ve got about 300 shirts ready to launch testing the waters to see if it’s viable to sell them on the platform. It’s a very time intensive process to get them photographed etc but I am going to see what happens.


Over on eBay I have 199 live auctions including about 50 vintage OA issues that are ending tonight. This week I might can finally reach a milestone in my eBay store of having 50k items listed. Thanks to the eBay fee changes during the pandemic this amount of inventory costs me almost nothing per item to list.


Friday I was interviewed by a writer for Scout’s Life magazine. Larry Green reached out to them to get some publicity for the amazing Scoutcraft program he ran at Barstow. But when they heard about our innovative merit badge bundle program the idea for more stories blossomed. My kids get that magazine in the mail so it would be very cool to see a write up about Barstow appear in the pages.




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