Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 12, 2021


This morning I published my latest unboxing video which was a lot of fun. There are always surprises in these collections. I thought this was just a Michigan kid who attended the 1969 National Jamboree. But when I get into it turns out he spent some time in Japan as a member of Lodge 498. How cool would that have been?


In the roughly 10 minute long video I also try and inject a little bit of education for younger collector that might be watching. My point about the Jamboree stuff is one that I make very often to people I talk to. Just yesterday I spoke on the phone with a guy that went to the 1964 Jamboree who thought those items might be the best ones in his collection. Far from it!


Over in my Patreon Group the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders I have actually been posting more Unboxing videos. Every Tuesday in October (including already this AM) I have posted an exclusive unboxing video for them. The one I posted today was from a New England collection. The collectors over there pay as little as $2 per month to get this content and support my efforts to hire an audio/video editor.


I have 103 live auctions running on eBay including some nice OA and even a few military items. I try and stay in my lane but sometimes I get stuff like that in a collection and so it makes sense to post it as well. The one WWI medal I posted has taken off with multiple bids.


So close! I am less than 150 listings away from reaching my 50k item goal for my Patchblanket eBay Store. I have a pretty clear schedule for today so I think I can circle Oct 12 as the day I crossed the threshold to fifty thousand unique active listings. I follow a lot of eBay sellers on YouTube and through podcasts and I know that’s a very significant milestone.




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