Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 8, 2017

For the last five years I’ve been coming out of my 25 year phase where I grew up as strictly an OA collector. Now I’m paying attention to other broader areas of collecting and have been toying with this idea of making topical frames. Duane has shown me what that idea looks like fully developed with a decades long collection to show for it.

I’ve had this idea for a while but Duane has really executed it here. What do you do with all the Jamboree paperwork, meal tickets and odd paper items that you accumulate buying collections? Build 1 single frame for each event to hold all that. Then you have an instant display that is not just the standard patch and neckerchief.

It was funny how at the Atlanta TOR I saw two ideas that go back to this video I published in Dec 2014 (one of my most viewed!). Duane answered the question of how do I make good use of my concept for easily swapping out display pieces. I can build all the collections into these 12×16 inserts and depending on the occasion but on an amazing display. Keith Coffey took my idea of the stand up frames and really perfected the design and made them commercially to sell.

On of the auctions I have live this weekend is this 1911 Vanity Fair lithograph featuring our founder. I don’t usually deal in paper items but this one is on consignment and I am offering it up for what the collector paid for it decades ago when he purchased it in London. All together I’ve got 75+ live auctions on eBay this weekend including many Council Shoulder Patches from New York. These are ones I got out a collection almost a year ago and have been waiting for their chance in a box.




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