Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 23, 2016


Well here is a first for me. In about 10 days I’m jumping on an airplane to fly out and pick up a collection to sell on consignment. The return trip is via a rented mini-van. I’ve bought several collections and normally just rely on the person shipping it to me but this time the circumstances just didn’t work out. I’ve been very busy on eBay lately but I guess I’m about to burn some more candles working at night.

I always get in trouble when I write about something that I plan to do next week but here goes. For OA collectors the trend I’ve seen is for people to research and publish individual lodge memorabilia books. I’ve done this twice for my home lodge and I haven’t updated that work since 2010. With my Fall Fellowship scheduled for the last weekend of the month I want to get that 3rd edition finished. This one will be published as a free PDF so everyone who’s interested can have it. The idea is just to preserve the history and spread the knowledge

I spend a lot of time on Facebook and continue to see people sharing pictures of their collections. I think this is a great avenue to do that as people can comment and share the images. The more people are willing to share those things stashed away in a closet or in a box the more this hobby can be sustained and perhaps new interest developed.

Right now on eBay I have 275+ live auctions with many of those being first time runs. As I’m listing from several different groupings this includes a lot of variety from old activity patches to Jamboree flaps and more.





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