Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 26, 2021


Yesterday I spent the day picking two collections that were within an hour drive of my house. On one of those I learned quite a bit about how probate works and got a good reminder of why we all need a will. In this case a ladies first cousin passed away in FLA with no will and no natural heirs. She stepped in through the courts to be the executor of the estate which was complicated but thankfully her cousins were happy for her to take the lead. He had a couple boxes of Scout stuff that including his grandfathers 1934 Silver Beaver medal from a North Carolina council (which is pretty cool!).


The other collection I got was interesting for me because it was from a professional Scouter who passed away more than 20 years ago. Ironically this was a guy I knew of growing up and he had some stuff from the Carolinas that I was happy to get. I probably overpaid for the items but sometimes when it’s the stuff you like that tends to happen.
This week I also have to move my antique mall booth from the old location of the new one 2 miles down the road. My rent also went up about 35% so the economics of this just got a little more interesting. But it’s the best mall in the Charlotte area and I’ll stock it full with new stuff during this move.
This week I have 202 live auctions on eBay with more vintage OA being the centerpiece of my push. Today at the office I have to sort out these new purchases as my rule is not to put them on a shelf and let them sit for 6 months. Not that anyone I know every had a bad habit of doing that!
The other thing I’m prepping for is getting the 4th edition of the Santee patch collectors guide finished. Nathan Kohler has been on the stick rounding up patch designer credits and making lots of useful edits. Our Fall Fellowship is this weekend and we hope to have it published before then. I am also attending the Fall Fellowship so that’s some extra incentive!



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