Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 17, 2014



Every few years I have a blonde moment (now sprinkled with grey) and send my “other” Hot Finds Newsletter out to this list. It was completely an accident and I apologize for the misstep and I appreciate hearing from several of you yesterday. Now on with the issue you really want!

I want to spend some time today talking about developing some collections to use as displays. What’s got me thinking about this lately is I’m in discussions with a fellow collector about purchasing his very nice Girl Scout collection. However, my only intentions in doing so would be to display the collection and not hoard it away in a closet like I do with some of my other collecting interests.

I’ve done a few podcast interviews with folks that do traveling displays and there is even a Facebook Group devoted to this topic that you are welcome to join. If I can go through with the GSA collection I’m going to be reaching out to a few people because I’ll need to design some traveling display pieces to make this thing work. I enjoy coming up with new ideas it just the hours in the day that are lacking.

The other part of this Girl Scout idea is to see if it can become a family project with my daughter. She is hooked on going to TORs now and helping me behind my table. Now if I can just get her to help me organize the Girl Scout stuff I already have I might can set the hook a little deeper. Wish me luck!

I have a big run of National Jamboree staff and special issue items ending in a few days on eBay. I’ve got some of the listings linked in here and you can see a full run down at my eBay store. The simple link as always is

I am taking my Girl Scout troop on our first primitive camping trip at the end of the month. No electricity, no shelter, no flush toilets – oh yes it’s going to be fun! Wish me luck and hopefully on the other side of this trip we will be ready for more.

There are several updated TORs in the calendar below. If you don’t see your’s listed send me an email with the flier and I’ll try to get it in for next week.







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