Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 19, 2014


The Sunday issue is probably my favorite for a couple of reasons. First it’s a day of rest for many where clicking around on eBay auctions looking for things to fill your collection is fun. But also because it’s the day when most sellers choose to end their best auctions and therefore the issue is just packed with great picks.

I’ve got a little collection started of insignia but Air Scouts is one area I have not even dipped my toes into. Eagle Scout patches and medals is another area I haven’t tried getting into. Sadly I missed out on a nice starter collection earlier in the year that was pretty complete but I’m sure another will come around eventually.

There are several OA odd shapes and flaps in today’s issue worth a closer look. If you collect VA OA then you probably have a lot of these auctions on your watch list.

I’ve always thought the old Apache wovens were cool. My council had two patches from that 1959-60 era that were wovens. I’m sure somebody out there has a big collection of them. Send me an email of anybody you know that does as I think that would be a neat topic for a podcast.

I have a big run of National Jamboree staff and special issues patches ending tonight on eBay. Most of these are from 2005 but I’ve got a few other years sprinkled in. You can see what I’ve got live at

I will be launching auctions tonight to my eBay store at These are going to be a week long focus on staff items from National Jamborees covering the 1980s-2000s. I’ve got about 200 different pieces in this collection that is going to hit eBay starting tonight.





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