Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 17, 2017

I was able to put two really cool pieces back into the hobby this week! The first one was pictured in the last issue. A non-Scout digger down in Florida turned up an Air Scout Ace medal. We connected through the net and now that fantastic piece is on it’s way to a collection where it will be appreciated. This North Carolina Sea Scout shirt (w/rare patches) is likewise in the hands of a new collector having come from an antique store that I stumbled upon.

I am selling some truly vintage CarolinaOA on consignment. At this time I don’t have any of these listed in my stores and just offering them through private sale. The crown jewel is the 1947 Area Z which just might the most valuable OA section patch of them all. Twelve lodges from GA and SC potentially attended this event held in Columbia. This lineage then becomes the Dixie Fellowship making the ’47 Z the toughest patch of anyone collecting that area. The fact that it’s silk screened felt also means not as many of these have survived and this one is in great shape.

It is rare that I am buying Scout books of any kind. Literally I have probably 1000 that I’d like to sell of my own. But yesterday I purchased these 4 merit badge pamphlets because they form the core advancement piece for any Air Scout. With their unique blue covers these books really do help explain how a 1940s-50s Air Scout would have progressed towards Ace and that is definitively a piece of Scout history that I’m interested in.




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