Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 15, 2015


I have a treat for you in today’s issue. Over the last few years Russell Smart has put up a Scout history display at the annual council Exporee for the Blue Ridge Council (Greenville, SC). This year he outdid himself with 90+ tables, stand-up displays, posters, docents, and several rounds of Scouting Heritage merit badge. Over 2,000 Scouts attended the event. I’ve got a video linked in below that was filmed by a Scout who attended and there is lots of eye candy to behold.

It does seem like since the 100th anniversary of the BSA there has been a renewed interest in Scout museums and in collectors sharing their knowledge through displays. I know several people who read this newsletter are involved in those efforts. There is even a Facebook Group dedicated to the topic called Scouting Memorabilia and Displays.

I continue to be surprised by how many people are hot on the trail of Centennial flaps. Even some casual collectors seem to be launching into collections. The cool thing about this is it crosses the traditional vertical funnel that most peoples collections fit into. It’s also showcases what an incredible asset the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook group is for pure trading.

I have been busy this week putting new listings into my eBay store. I launched just over 200 issues Wednesday including lots of NOAC and other national OA issues. Today if all goes well I’ll get up a big batch of lodge issues. You can always find my store on eBay by going to the url

Docents for the display were Chris Jensen, Fred Hyslop, Johnny Smith, Jimmy Green, Willie Couch and David Hollar. The Atta Kulla Kulla 185 Service Corps assisted with setting up and taking down the display.

There are three different TORs going on this weekend. You can also find two new listings in this week’s calendar. Enjoy!





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