Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 12, 2015


This week I’ve got my calendar set to devote one day to each of my antique mall booths. The last two months have been crazy with Scouts and other commitments so I need to “work my booths” before Memorial Day kicks off the summer travel season.

The nice thing about having a space in an antique mall booth is it gets a lot of stuff out of my garage. The bad part is every month you have to sell enough to pay the rent. That can sometimes be a challenge so I wouldn’t recommend it as an alternative to peddling on the Internet and eBay. I decided a while back there is no alternative to eBay and trust me I’ve tried just about every idea that came down the pike.

I don’t usually share order forms in the newsletter because I don’t want to pick favorites. However, for the first time ever my home lodge is accepting orders from any collector for their Centennial jacket patch. We are worried that with such a small lodge if we keep it internal we might not get enough to actually place an order. So they are sharing this on social media and inviting people to place an order (no limit). Check out the 2015 Santee 116 jacket patch order form.

In Friday’s issue I will be sharing a video from a council Exporee that featured an unbelievable Scout history display. Trust me this one is epic! Over the summer I hope to develop my displays a little more and be ready to answer the call in the fall for talks and displays.

I’ve got a discount code to jump start some sales on the site this week. You can use checkout code 51115 to get 15% on any order on www.ScoutPatchHQ.com. With NOAC around the corner I’ve had some people go in and pick up items from their home lodge.

Saturday my girls wrap up the program year with the Bronze Award project. The girls decided to conduct a river sweep and we’ve invited other Scouting groups to participate. The following day is our Court of Honor so other than a trip to camp in June that puts a pin the Girl Scout calendar for this year.





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