Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 19, 2020

As of Friday’s Hot Finds I proclaimed my goal was to have 4 eBay stores with as many as 10k items each. To have 40k items listed in this manner it would only cost me $1200 per month which if you can believe was a bargain compared to having them in one super store. Friends like Brad England told me numerous times man just put them all in 1 store and pay the fees- your sales will make up for the extra cost. I guess it’s officially Christmas in July!

Since the pandemic broke eBay has given store subscribers 50k additional listings per month. Most of us thought it was being generous but turns out it was also an experiment on the platform. What eBay saw is sellers chased that number listing many more items on the marketplace and sales finally ticked up after year over year declines. So what’s the big news? eBay decided to give me my wish.

Starting Aug 1 all store subscribers will get tens of thousands of free listings added to their subscription. Thankfully the collectibles category is included in this permanent change (not a promotion). So starting Aug 1 instead of paying $1200 for 4 anchor stores I can move everything to my signature Santeeswapper account and pay $59.95 per month for a Premium Store with 50k free listings. Read the details in the Seller Center Announcement.

I will be winding down the auctions that I’ve been running on multiple accounts and using my Inkfrog account to bring everything into the Patchblanket eBay Store. Until then check out the Historical Medals ending tonight on ScoutPatchHQ. On Patchsniper I have 169 auctions running on SAPs and OA.

It’s not often that you can save over $1k while not changing a whole lot in your business. In fact if Brad’s right this should actually help sales with a giant store filled with lots of choices. To be continued!



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