Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 17, 2020

Well so far my partial inventory of “listed” items has revealed 5 boxes of patches (probably 1000 items) that were not really live. I’ve been selling on eBay for going on 2 decades so I’ve seen this happen before. Something that you thought was sitting in the store for sale turns out to be totally orphaned and just sitting in a box. The good news is it’s the cheapest eBay material I’ve ever acquired for new listings!

Included in my orphans was a $175 OA neckerchief from my area that I know some people would love to have. Yesterday I printed labels to complete the project. We have a little over 7k patches left to inventory so there is a good chance I’ll have some more orphans.

I have decided to run a 20% off sale in my signature Patchblanket eBay Store. This store has just over 10k items. My thought was I am going to be out of town for a little while squeezing in some beach and camping time with the family. So I can try and keep my shipping girl gainfully employed while I’m on vacation.

I’m also running a 20% off sale in my ScoutPatchHQ eBay Store. This is the one that until recently was branded as my $5 Patch Store. Before July ends I’m going to move all of my Shopify inventory over here and fully load this store up too.

All of this work to inventory items and move stuff around will be the fulfillment of a plan I mentioned a few months ago. In order to reduce eBay fees I am going to come out of July with 4 eBay stores that are all either anchor stores or on track to get there. This will put my cost of each item at about 3 cents per month. When your eBay bill is close to $1500-$2000 a month every little bit helps!



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