Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 08, 2018

Yesterday I made my “donation” run to camp. I filled the SUV with 3-ring binders that I’ve picked up from collections all these years. We are going to use those for merit badge instruction using the EDGE method. I’ve also got cases of Scout mugs in here and containers of uniform pieces that are bound for the trading post. I could have filled up another load like this but at some point you just can’t haul it all.


A side trip to the Scout Shop in Columbia yesterday got Sophia outfitted in her field uniform. I was hoping for one of those beaming smile pictures that I’ve seen early adopters post with their Cub Scout girls. Turns out 13 year old rising freshman in high school don’t like Boy Scout uniforms. It’s safe to say the only part of the uniform she didn’t complain about was the Venturing socks of which we now own 3 pairs. She is excited about camp but wearing a field uniform is just going to have to grow on her.


This may be what I’m most excited to part with. Literally dozens of 3-ring binders. I had them on the very top shelf at the warehouse because again what do you do with them? They all were Scouting notebooks at one time and now they will get recycled to serve again!


Yesterday when I went to go check out the waterfront there was a “family” of vultures hanging out on the beach. I’m pretty sure that is a bad omen in some native cultures but hopefully at Boy Scout camp it’s just a sign of hey we have nature! I also spotted a deer on the way into camp so surely Bambi has some good vibes.


A part of having a Scout camp on a 50,000 acre lake is that you can offer some advanced sailing. We have a small fleet of sailboats that I’m looking forward to see the Scouts use this summer. I don’t think I’ve ever captained anything bigger than a Sunfish so count me as someone who wants to feel the breeze get behind this 24′ sailboat on Lake Murray.




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