Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 12, 2018

I am deep into staff week at Camp Barstow with an outstanding group of Scouts and Scouters. I have really see them pull together over the first couple days and start to become an enthusiastic team. I think I’ve had about a million side bar conversations this week but that’s the job of a Camp Director to keep all the fires out and the ball rolling. Luckily I have a lot of help.
It has been three years since Brad England and I made patches for the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group. We finally decided to get a design together and today we have rolled out this Fire & Ice set for sale to promote the group at the upcoming NOAC.
I’ve been so busy that the Sunday newsletter blew right past and if not for some prep work I had already done this Tuesday would have made it a rare double miss for the Hot Finds. Luckily a Scout is clean so I have found enough time to shower even if publishing my beloved newsletter fell to the wayside this week.
Tomorrow we are getting our staff hats and shirts. I’m pretty anxious to see if the staff likes them and the new style logo we went with. I can’t reveal anything just yet be the design features our newest feature at camp.
So far my kids are really loving it out at camp. Several of you shared stories of how your children grew up at camp and what a powerful influence it was on their lives. So far Sophia is all in while Patrick is just trying to find some place with WiFi so he can get his Ipad to work.
One of the things we have really focused on is spirit. Tonight we had a practice run through in the council ring. We are repeating that tomorrow with all new skits. Then Thursday night we are doing the real thing.



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