Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 05, 2019

It was probably sometime in the 1990s when I put together my campfire blanket partly inspired by a conversation with this Scouter. Sadly I have not updated my blanket since 2006 but it might be time for me to pick that up again and try and finish the blanket. I think at some point the hours of hand stitching patches got old. Or maybe it was having our first child in 2004 that led me to stop sewing on every patch to the blanket. Now here is the question…do I mix in the Girl Scout events I attended?

I am still going strong with the .99 cent auction strategy. That will be replaced in March by another run of items to generate fresh traffic on my site. I’ve got about 800 CSPs that I am going to begin launching in batches of a few dozen every night for the rest of the month. If eBay likes to see new items on your store then I will give them that in March.

I did not get a Sunday issue out because I was coming home from a Cub Scout Pack sleepover at Ripley’s Aquarium down in Myrtle Beach. That morning I signed Patrick up for the Stingray Experience and he got in the water to touch these beautiful creatures. Thankfully somehow they trim the barbs so they are not dangerous.

I think it was Friday I mentioned going out to look at 2 collections. The first was very impressive and I haven’t given up on it but the price tag was way more than I would want to invest at this time. The second was picking up the collection from the family of the Scouter who had the campfire blanket. We are still figuring out what to do with those items and apparently there is still more to pull out.

This weekend there are many TORs that are worth a drive if you can make it. I will be at Merit Badge University in Columbia, SC but I suggest you take a look at the TOR Calendar and see if you can make some plans to spend the weekend with your brothers of the cloth.



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