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Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 2, 2023

  Last week I don't believe I got a single issue of the Hot Finds ready and published. So to begin my 5th week here at Barstow I wanted to make sure and turn that around. Camp has been great - we are welcoming our final week of campers today before a small ROTC week that will follow. The feedback...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 11, 2022

  In today's Hot Finds I though I'd share the highlights of a few conversations that you might want to lean in on. For starters some people didn't know that any registered adult can sign up to go to the Jamboree. I covered this in length in my interview with Tico Perez but essentially there is no longer and 4 adult/troop cap....Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 9, 2022

  This morning I got an email from Doug Schwab that I'll share here. If you have not yet decided on a specific job to do at the NJ next summer, why not join the Scouting Heritage area at the BSA Museum Exhibit?  At this Jamboree we are planning an exciting display of the history of National BSA Service Projects.  This year’s display...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Live Episode #3: Patch Trading @ 2023 National Scout Jamboree

Patch Trading at the Jamboree! Listen in to Episode #3 of Scouting Hot Finds Live to get the story on visitors and patch trading at the Jamboree from Tico Perez. This episode includes a new giveaway (and the live picking of last week's winner!). You can also catch a number of unboxings. In this episode I try to also pivot...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter October 04, 2022

    I am still getting my sea legs underneath me as I figure out my strategy for the Live Show on Wednesday nights. What I see lots of content creators doing is having a standard show and then mixing in some completely different formats. So for example tomorrow I'll have my final part of the interview with Tico Perez...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 30, 2022

    I just got off the phone with Russell Smart and he has agreed to bring two impressive displays to show at the upcoming Charlotte Trade-O-Ree on Oct 14-15. The first is his complete Dixie Fellowship collection which he put together for when his lodge was set to host the 2020 event (cancelled due to COVID). The second is...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Live Episode 2: Adult Opportunities At The 2023 National Jamboree

In this episode of the show you can here more from the 2023 National Jamboree Chairman Tico Perez. In this segment Tico discusses innovative ways the BSA has thrown out the old rule book about how a Jamboree is run. This includes the opportunity for ANY Scouter to attend with a troop or on staff. He shares that in this...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 25, 2022

    Almost two years ago I created a Patreon community called the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders. During those 21 months I have published over 50 videos to the group with exclusive behind the scenes access to what I've got cooking in the patch warehouse. Some of these videos have included unboxings and some have been revealing projects that I've been...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 23, 2022

    This week I pulled off a trial by fire first episode of Scouting Hot Finds Live. Tico Perez was my guest and he talked about why Scouts and Scouters should make plans to attend the 2023 National Scout Jamboree. I learned several new things during the show including an incredible opportunity for younger adults to serve on staff at...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Live Episode 1: 2023 Boy Scout National Jamboree

If you are a Scouting memorabilia collector this is the show for you! Watch the first episode of my new weekly show Scouting Hot Finds Live. You will not want to miss everything I have packed into a 30-minute live stream including an unboxing, cool giveaway, and an interview with the 2023 National Scout Jamboree Chairman Tico Perez. The link...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 24, 2022

    Wow! Maybe I forgot how massive these TORs are after four years or maybe the layout and energy of this one is just better. But Day #1 of this Pre-NOAC TOR was awesome. I don't think I had more than 5 minutes between conversations with many fellow collectors. Some of them I had just met after mailing them...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Podcast – Listen To Every Episode

Launched in October of 2011 the Scouting Hot Finds Radio podcast features interviews with interesting people in the Scouting memorabilia hobby. You can listen to all the episodes on this page in one easy layout. You can also subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcast app and get new episodes automatically downloaded to your smart phone. Listen to "#103...Read More


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