Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 21, 2020

The collection I'm selling has many flaps from the 1970s and early 80s.  Last night I offered up many S1 issues that are pre-fdl issues.  The best patch I featured was an unusually tough flap from Lodge 40 which sold not long after I posted it for $150. Looking ahead to next week I am traveling to the Crossroads of...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 19, 2020

I actually have my first podcast interview scheduled this week!  It's only been since Feb of 2019 that I published a podcast.  I am set to interview Rick Stewart this week on the topic of Scouting museums.  I will hopefully have the audio processed and get the podcast publish before the Friday Newsletter.  I also talked to Mike McAdams about an interview...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 17, 2020

During my tour I got to see the different rooms where they make some of the products that are sold in the BSA catalog.  One of the coolest things is that some of the sales reps gave me items to put in the silent auction.  One of these was a prototype 2019 WSJ blanket.  I also got two Scout Gnomes...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 14, 2020

I know that 9 AM on a Tuesday is not convenient for anybody to watch a live video sale.  However, my thought was if I got the video done then anyone could come behind and watch it as a replay.  Any time you view the sale video all the features work.  So this way my Hot Finds readers and Facebook...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 12, 2020

The collection I will be selling starting today is a 1,000 piece OA flap collection that I purchased in the late spring of 2019.  This particular collection was assembled over about 20 years and was in notebooks organized by lodge number when I got it.  So I'm literally going to go through from Lodge 1 to 500+ and sell it. ...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 10, 2020

I flirted this week with signing a lease on a patch warehouse that is closer to my house.  Thankfully I took my wife there to get her honest opinion.  She pointed out that the entrance was up a set of steps (no loading dock). I have a lot of crap in my warehouse so that heavy lifting didn't sound like...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter January 07, 2020

We did two solar installations on the trip.  The first was in the house of a rural family who only had candle light in their two room "house".  When we left their solar system would power four LEDs and provide them with a way to charge their mobile phone.  The bigger project was installing two large solar panels and a...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 24, 2019

I want to zero in on some of the themes that have come from the responses.  One is that more information should be shared freely in a format that the youth will use. The example of the ISCA paywall and one collectors struggle to actually join the organization (he gave up) was mentioned.  There are lots of ideas in the...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 22, 2019

Monday will be my last day in the office for a while.  My whole crowd is going on a mission trip shortly after Christmas to Guatemala.  We will be putting up solar panels in a rural village up in the mountains.  I'm looking forward to seeing a new country and hoping that it is an eye opening experience for my...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 17, 2019

Today is Day 2 of my daughter working on patches to get some extra spending money for her budget. She did a really good job yesterday with no complaints so I'm looking forward to seeing more boxes of patches getting scanned.  She did 3 1/2 boxes yesterday which was very productive! Yes! I actually saw some BHP orders come in...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 15, 2019

You can watch tonight's video replay on Facebook by going to my Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter Facebook Page.  Most of the items are still available for sale although some of the best ones were snagged right away. Tonight I was able to merge together an unboxing video and a live sale.  So literally as I was pulling stuff out of the...Read More

Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 13, 2019

Since I started this talk about live sales one of the goals was to combine an unboxing with this new format.  In other words as I pull items out of the box collectors can comment SOLD and buy the item literally out of my hands.  I am not going to state a definitive time for the Sunday sale just yet...Read More

Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 10, 2019

In this video I took the advice of several collectors who left feedback.  One change was doing it on night when people were able to watch instead of during the work day.  The other change was having a wide variety of items.   If you are on Facebook you can watch the replay of the live sale and of course everything that...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 08, 2019

Tonight at 7 PM Eastern I am going to run a new live sale video on Facebook.  Thank you to several collectors who sent feedback on the first attempt at this new feature.  I'm trying to incorporate those ideas into this new sale.  For starters I'm doing it at a time that should be much more convenient for most collectors to...Read More

Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter December 01, 2019

Why am I asking collectors to preregister for a sale?  The way the live video works is that as I'm going through the items as soon as I show you the item and state the item number whoever is first to comment that the item is SOLD then takes that patch off the shelf and puts it in their shopping...Read More

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