Multi Generational Boy Scout Collection Unboxing

Originally this video was filmed for my Scouting Hot Finds Insiders Patreon Group but I thought it was too good not to share with the everyone. So in editing I branded it as an exclusive to show you the kind of content you can get every month in my Patreon Group. So while many of you can catch the public...Read More

Boy Scout Memorabilia Collection Unboxing 1940s Eagle Scout and Explorer Ranger Award

For about a decade I have been heavily collecting memorabilia dedicated to the Senior Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America. Those items include the original Explorer program along with Air Scouts (1940s) and all the subsequent versions that were aimed to serve older Scouts ages 14+. So as I buy collections from people I sometimes stumble upon the...Read More

Boy Scout Collection Unboxing & My Memorabilia Collection Home Runs

Four very different Boy Scout collections get unboxed in this video including one that has memorabilia from two Eagle Scouts from the same family. This father (1935) and son (1960) Eagle Scout collection is impressive. The other collections are cool too including one from a 1950 era Scout who went to the 1950 National Jamboree and was inducted into the...Read More

Monster Texas Boy Scout National Jamboree Collection Unboxing 1953-1964

Sometimes when I talk to people on the phone about their Scout collection I sit up straight in the chair. That was the case with this Eagle Scout from Texas who told me the bulk of the collection was from his dad who was an Assistant Scoutmaster at four National Jamborees from 1953-1964. Pretty much in this collection there are...Read More

National Order of the Arrow Conference NOAC Boy Scout Collection Unboxing From Oregon

I don't usually get in many modern collections. But this one from Oregon was one that I made an exception for. A lady who had an antique mall booth out there came across a big collection of stuff from the 2012 & 2015 NOACs including OA flaps and two-piece sets. These are the kinda of items that I can always...Read More

1935 Boy Scout Jamboree Collection Update & eBay Fails

Many people watched my recent video where I got in a 1935 National Scout Jamboree that had lots of nice paperwork. Well as it turns out the couple that sold it me was holding out! They had more stuff and after some back and forth they agreed to sell me the remainder of the collection. So I want to show...Read More

Unboxing 1935 National Jamboree Boy Scout Collection From Texas

I filmed this unboxing to let collectors see some of the content that I have been making exclusively for my Patreon supporters inside the Scouting Hot Finds Insiders group. This group was created to allow supporters to help me hire an audio and video editor to put our more frequent and better quality content such as videos and my audio...Read More

Boy Scout Council Shoulder Patch CSP Collection Unboxing – 1 Need Left After This

On my website you can follow my journey as a Boy Scout collector and dealer. Through my Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter I document my transition from a middle school social studies teacher to a full time hobbyist. So every once in awhile I am able to really move the needle on my collection. This video documents the unboxing of a...Read More

Blind Boy Scout New York Collection Unboxing 20 Pounds Of Surprises

In this unboxing video you are going to see the generosity of a Scouter who came across my website. After checking me out he decided he wanted to gift me his Scouting memorabilia to make sure it went to someone who would appreciate it. Of course I offered to pay the $50 postage bill but I was blown away by...Read More

1960s Jamboree Boy Scout Collection Unboxing

At the beginning this Boy Scout collection had me stumped. But thankfully the Scouter wrote me a nice letter detailing his amazing experiences as an Eagle Scout attending the 1964 National Jamboree, visiting the 1967 World Jamboree and seeing Europe with his Explorer Post. He also served on camp staff at Camp Barton in New York where he was active...Read More

Pennsylvania 1950s Eagle Scout Collection Unboxing Surprise Bonus From CA

I love getting vintage Scouting collections and this unboxing did not disappoint. The main collection in this video came from Pennsylvania from the 1950s -60s. This Eagle Scout spent many summers working at Camp Delmont and attended likely attended the 1964 National Jamboree (well he did have 5 neckerchiefs from the event!). He also included his treasured Eagle Scout medal...Read More

Triple Boy Scout Collection Unboxing Including Philmont, Jamboree and lots of cloth

Coming home from summer camp I had several collections bought and paid for but unopened in the corner. The fun part about unboxing three collections at once was seeing the similarities between all of these with some hidden surprises. You can see the common themes were Scouts going to the Jamboree (whether it be the World or National) and of...Read More

Holy Grail Order of the Arrow Collection Flap

It's not very often that you get the top item on your needs list in the Boy Scout memorabilia collection hobby! I really started focusing on organizing my Order of the Arrow flap collection in the last year. During that time I was able to get some key needs and got things down to about 10 key needs. Now I've...Read More

Boy Scout memorabilia booth at Sleepy Poet Antique Mall in Charlotte NC

For several years now I've had a booth at the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte NC focused on Scouting memorabilia. During October the vendors had to pack up all their stuff and move to the new location 2 miles down the road at 6424 South Blvd. I recorded this quick tour of my Scouting memorabilia focused booth after 2 days of...Read More

Scouting Hot Finds Insiders Round Table Patch Trading Challenges

In this final part of a Round Table discussion with Bill Mulrenin (NY State OA Trader) and myself we focus on an elephant in the room. Why not get back to the good old days of trading patches. While Bill and I love trading we discuss how for advanced collectors this becomes a real challenge. You are invited to go...Read More

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